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 Windows 7 and Adobe.

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PostSubject: Windows 7 and Adobe.   Tue Feb 17, 2009 1:45 pm

I've had windows 7 up and running for some time now on my system without any problems. Among one of the programs that i've had running since installing Windows 7 is Adobe CS3 Master Collection.
I've recently decided to upgrade to the Adobe CS4 Master Collection which Disabled my network adapter.

The Summary:
Intel Quad Core Q6600
680i Nvidia Chipset Mother board.
4 GBs of DDR 2 800 RAM
320 GB HDD SATA system Drive
400 GB HDD IDE storage drive
9600 GT Sonic edition 1GB GPU

Uninstall CS3 Master Collect and all of it's components.
Run CCleaner to get rid of any registry conflicts.
Install CS4 Master Collection.
Problem: Network Adapter is not correctly configured for TCP/IP Protocol.
Solution: Uninstall CS4.
Run CCleaner.
Go to command prompt and type : netsh int ip reset (to rebuild the TCP/IP)
Successful. Network is now working.
Reinstall CS3 MC.
Problem: Network again is no longer configured correctly.
Go to command prompt and type : netsh int ip reset.
Still not getting a connection.
Uninstall CS3 MC.
Run CCleaner.
Command Prompt and type : Netsh int ip reset.

I then decide to go ahead and reformat because after going through and cleaning the registry manually, running ccleaner to pick up anything I may have missed, so on and so forth, I kept running into the same problem and Photoshop is a program that I desperately need.

Problem: Upon reformating I encountered an error saying that windows 7 could not be installed after deleting the partition and formatting it. the error read something along the lines of "system could not install on selected partition or find any existing system files" (not word for word but close enough).

Solution: Remove all other drives from the configuration which proved to be successful.

Problem: I am currently not getting a GUI for Windows 7. I still have some troubleshooting to do as this is as far as I have made it so far.

Solution: Remove all periphreal devices from PC until drivers are installed. (i've actually talked to some of my classmates about this before, ironically.)

Currently: Up and running, installing CS3 Master collection Minus Photoshop CS3 and will later install Photoshop CS4
CS3 MC up and running without problems.
Photoshop CS4 up and running correctly...

All is well in the Land of Flawz.


Home PC: I7 920, Asus Rampage II extreme x58, XFX GTX 285 Black Edition, 6 GB OCZ Gold DDR3 1600 in Tri Channel, SupremeFX XFI Sound card, V8 CPU Cooler, WD 320 GB 16 MB Cache 7200 RPM(System Drive), WD 1TB 32 MB Cache 7200 RPM (Storage Drive), LG Super Multi Dvd Burner, Ultra X2 750w Dual Rail modular PSU, Custom Storm Sniper Case.
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Windows 7 and Adobe.
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