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 For the record... Chapter 17 and HTTP servers.

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PostSubject: For the record... Chapter 17 and HTTP servers.   Wed Dec 24, 2008 11:39 pm

By default Cox communications and most other ISP's have port 80 (HTTP Port) blocked off so that the "average joe" doesn't run servers from their home (Security as well). If you want to have them open that port for you, they charge for the bandwidth that you are using as opposed to just the service, because people with servers generally use a lot of bandwidth (obviously). So if you are planning to run a HTTP server, you need to have it listen to both Port 80 and Port 8080. Port 8080 is a security reroute for the HTTP port and is most often left open by ISP's. However, the downside to that is that your Domain Name will resemble this : http://www.yourname.com:8080

Just a heads up for anyone wanting to learn a little more about servers, Isp's can be a real headache and it took me awhile to figure this out on my own, of course this has been quite a few years back, but it still pertains to this day and age.
(You have to excuse me fo the post, ive been drinking a little bit tonight.)♠️


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For the record... Chapter 17 and HTTP servers.
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